The following links are to websites designed and maintained by Tarver Program Consultants, Inc. There are two basic types of websites that we build for our clients: Dynamic and Static.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites are those built on the WordPress CMS system. This mature open-source website engine allows us to bring powerful features to our clients such as greater SEO Optimization, Double Confirmation Email Subscriptions, Branded Email Newsletters, and Blog Marketing. The term dynamic is used to describe the fact that all the pages referenced on the published website do not exist as discrete HTML pages, but rather are created whenever they are requested by visitors to the website. This means that responsive tools can be published on a website which allow greater user interaction.

Static Websites

Static websites tend to be used primarily as Point-Of-Presence websites and usually contain fewer pages than Dynamic websites. While these sites can include a great deal of action such as graphic slideshows and contact forms, each page referenced is created manually as a discrete HTML page and is simply served to visitors whenever requested. These websites tend to be slightly faster in loading, but do not have the greater functionality of Dynamic websites.

Dynamic Customer SitesStatic Customer Sites