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  1. …if everybody just used “Thunderbolt”!!!


    On the flipside, I was at work and saw some bellsouth guys installing and splicing some fiber. On a whim, I asked one of the more “experienced” technicians, as I perceived him to be, if it was possible to combine and send more than one color/wavelength of laser over one single strand of fiber optic cable and split it out at the other end and he said “SURE!”…you know what this means for data communication??? Unlimited data bandwidth possibility!

    • Joel:

      It’s already possible and used 🙂

      You’re talking data speeds in the terabits *ahem* which will be amazing *drools*

      To the subject – Richcopy is simply *brilliant*. I’m currently, however using robocopy /MT:15 (MT being MultiThead :15 being the threads) to back some stuff up to a USB drive on a customer server and reaching 78 megabytes (not megabits) per second.

  2. Good Day! I hope you’re enjoying a pleasant one. Thank You for this informative, helpful article. I’ve read dozens of articles so far, and have evaluated many file copy utility comparisons. My evaluation of file copy utility comparison articles then, is that this is the “Best in Class”.

    I found with most other articles, a profound feeling that I wanted to escape or fall asleep. Your article was a nice read, so much so, I read it a second time to enjoy it twice. Along with the concise, informative manner in which you present the material, you make it easy for readers to understand, especially with your humorous references to monkey wrenches and walmart. As funny as they are, they are also real-world scenarios that others can comprehend. I also like the way you integrate your professional real-world experiences with the utilities your evaluating, and the honorable way you present both. You’re knowledgeable non-geek approach and presentation are a refreshing smile producing experience.

    My research now ended, I’ll be downloading Unstoppable and RichCopy momentarily, right after I find a fast downloading utility… kiddin’!


    John B.

  3. An excellent and very readable article, many thanks.
    Richcopy is definitely an almost Number 1, multi threading is a huge plus.
    BUT!!! It does not copy folders only individual files in a folder, so the destination folder had to be manually created which is a huge pain. I could not find a way around it.

    • Hi Peter. You only need to create a root target folder. Richcopy will copy over the source folder hierarchal directory structure and place the files in accordance with the source location co-ordinates. Make sure the advanced option settings are properly configured.

  4. Try Teracopy, it was worked well for my folder and file copies. I also used Richcopy but noticed that it would miss some files or skip them.

    • Unfortunately, when it comes to really large number of files (in my case, 2mil+, spread accross 800GB) TeraCopy would go VERY slow during initial file count and ultimately hanged up.

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  6. Indeed this would work, but as peter said it lacks the ability to copy whole folders. There is only one software and know about and which is quite new in the market that would do that and it’s called LongPathTool. Now I ain’t being pompous when I say that but it is what it is. Long Path Tool does what it promises about; all I know is that it’s a trustworthy application.

  7. You can try another free portable file copier software Exshail CopyCare from

    below site. Main feature is Preview list of files before copying with seven

    options below.

    1. “Source > Target – Copy Files New and changed from Source”
    2. “Source > Target – Copy Files New From Source”
    3. “Source > Target – Copy Files Changed from Source”
    4. “Target > Source – Copy Files Changed from Target”
    5. “Target Source Copy Files having Size Difference”
    6. “Delete Files Orphan from Target”
    7. “Source = Target – Copy Exact to Target – Overwrite All (Delete Orphans

    from Target)”

  8. I tried both.
    Copying of large files over Gb network to a NAS with 4 sata disk RAID 5.
    Both applications were significantly slower than Windows copy with Rich copy being the slowest. I tried adjusting the amount of threads to no avail.
    I got a solid 75MB/s using windows copy, 29MB/s using unstoppable and 10-15MB/s with peaks of 25MB/s using rich copy.
    So the features and configuration of the 2 applications is far better than standard windows copy but at a significant penalty of speed.
    It might not seem like much but when you are dealing with multiple TB of data copy times can vary dramatically.

    As for the original issue of live data and too many files, you could have also used sector level backup software like shadowprotect. It works on and offline and doesn’t get slowed down by lots of small files. You could then just mount the image file or restore image file to external drive, or restore into a VHD/x container. It is limited in that it can only backup and restore to whole logical volumes and not file level but is a very handy bit of software.

    • Make sure you change the /FC switch to 4096 on RichCopy to get the fastest throughput.

      We have a NAS box with four bonded 1Gbps connections using 802.33ad. We copy very large VMWare backups from that NAS to a Windows 2008 Server with an external RDX drive using USB 3.0 interface. The server uses two bonded 1Gbps network connections as well. I noticed that Windows Explorer out performed RichCopy or any other utility – until I changed the File Cache setting from the default to 4096 – now they act the same. I am getting roughly 95-110Megabytes per second (bytes not bits).

      • Michael, that sounds great. Can you please share what your other settings are? directory, file, and search thread counts.

  9. Hi,
    Thanks for this interesting reading. I thought I could almost find what I was looking for…
    Maybe I did in fact.
    Are any of those copiers able to copy huge files on multiple disks?
    let me explain: I have a lots of files on a NAS that I want to backup on seperate disk of diferent size. And I want to be able to plug a disk and read the files directly. like we use to do it with Floppy 🙂
    When the first disk is full, “Please insert next disk”. At best it could optimize disk space by selectig files that would fill up each disk…
    Would they do the tricks?

  10. I have always been a patron of RichCopy ever since its inception. Although I tried other softwares and considered switching to them, RichCopy really caters to my needs and it has several tools that are very valuable to me and our company. Keep it up!

  11. Long path tool is the very good program for error, unlock solution.
    Try it and solve your problem.
    I used long path tool and I solve my error, unlock problem solution.

  12. I might provide something here which is a bit more helpful than RichCopy from my own experience. I would recommend you to use GS RichCopy 360. I found this way better than in every aspect than RichCopy. The additional features are pretty amazing as well. You must give it a try. Hope this will help.

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  14. I don’t normally reply to my own posts, but I feel this is time I need to. I was kind enough to make the first post about GS RichCopy 360 public but since that time we have been been getting one or two posts a week about this product. The posts are similar in style and from similar IP addresses and if I didn’t know better, I’d say someone is trying to spam my site via the comments to try and sell this product. I offer reviews of products and I expect some comments about competing products, but the people supporting GS RichCopy 360 are going overboard and I think anyone who reads this article and the public comments should also be aware that it appears that someone is trying to post multiple comments supporting this product from what I believe are spoofed email accounts. All I have to say is the spammers have now been warned and are put on notice that I’m blocking their comments and if their behavior continues, I will be blocking IP addresses next. Do not purchase GS RichCopy 360 even if it is a good and safe product. I do not support businesses that use spam marketing techniques and I suggest my readers avoid them as well.

  15. When I 1st got this program (RichCopy – but actually the program name of download is “Hoffman Utility Spotlight” & has the 2 whitegirls – business lookin ones at that – on the program opening screen) I thought this was the answer to all copying problems…I may have been wrong…I say may as the whole issue is still up in the air. 1st off when downloading the file I got 2 versions of it whose bytes were slightly different (Virus? Or some other odd reason when I got it from Microsoft). The options on it are fantastic as many other copy programs do not spell out (without actually having to make test copies) as to what the program is actually going to do (eg. leave source alone, delete, etc). Anyway things were going great but after a little bit problems began – this is a constant theme with file/folder copy programs especially when it comes to integrating with the context menu (once its there/works, then poof its gone) as I think that was one of possibly about 2 issues (other was 256 file name limit – retarded!) I had with it. After a few more problems I quit on it as it is mandatory for a copier program to be “dead nuts” unlike many other programs that can be “a little off” and still get away with it. So that is where I left the matter as I did not bother with it any more. As the author of this article said that Unstoppable Copier is a good albeit slower copier but is excellent at what it is supposed to do but I found that it was not a suitable solution for every day copying. Some other notes: Teracopy would be a good solution but it is not only unstable in its context menu as mentioned above but it also does not copy files with 256 character filenames (due to this I have not used Teracopy for a long time & dont know if they fixed this retarded aspect of their program). I tried 6 to 12 or more copiers all with the same issues or features that are unacceptable or not enough – one caveat is that I am using a Windows 7 setup without the second service pack as Microsofts Big Brother and/or Big Sister act (well known fact Microsoft is trying to force its “telemetry” of are data down our throats! Where the hell is Judge Judy on this one chewin Microsofts rear end out?) is getting to be too much as Microsoft, and all other organizatios for that matter, are given carte blach status to be intruding on peoples personal computer a practice that should be strictly prohibited as think about it, if you or I went over to an organizations & demanded to look into their servers we/I would hear the word “security” as we/I would be tossed out of the freagin building. Hey people…world…where the freagin frick is your sanity, logic & reasoning, & quest to remain free another day! Mrs Torrence to Danny: wake up! Anyhow, the file copier field of software (free that is) has very few acceptable options (although its been a long time since I have checked only newly available programs) where some other program areas are “loaded to the hilt” in competition (eg. partiioning software as it is difficult to choose one as there are so many good options! So, in my experience, I have concluded that FastCopy is by far the best copy software as it RARELY ever fails to tackle a job, it goes over 256 file name length, it has about about all the features one needs plus a few perks (eg. file wipe on copy), has not only the context menu but an interface too, allows for pasting with its paste or using Microsofts paste (this looks like no advantage but is very handy when one wants to know what is going on in a copy as it alerts as to what is going to happen – it is annoying when used as an all the time copier but a great feature when needed in certain key situations), its context menu & settings are spot on, and it is a very stable program. I am not certain about how FastCopy handles the “multiple thread” aspect but I know that it for SURE tackles the task of copying files better than anything I have tested & it has about all the features one needs in a copier and it is the most stable hands down. It is also fast. So my recommendation is FastCopy all the way, as it is the only stable copier that I know.

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